About Us

Since 1997, Lakeside Gourmet was born out of the love for good food and gift giving. Colleen and Brenda worked passionately to perfect the recipes for Lakeside Gourmet jams. Originally, Lakeside Gourmet jams were created for friendly get togethers, as well as, gifts for friends and family. It's when everyone started asking for jars to be refilled and how they could get our jam - that it was decided this was too much of a passion to ignore. So, the jam making began.

Our gourmet pepper jams are created in small batches, with inspiring and elevating our customer's dishes in mind.

Business was a jammin' and since our introduction at friendly get togethers, our customers' were now able to find our jams at local farmer's markets, trade shows, as well as a growing number of wholesale partners including specialty markets, retail shops, and grocery stores.

Word of mouth spread (no pun intended) about our delicious homemade pepper jams! Lakeside Gourmet was then afforded the opportunity to be brought into HyVee, a large grocery chain covering multiple states from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, to Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, and the Dakotas. It was to our surprise people were finding and enjoying our jams from all over the U.S. and the feedback of how much they loved our jams was incredible.

In 2016, Lakeside Gourmet took a brief hiatus. The future of Lakeside Gourmet was unknown, however, people continued to ask when we were going to be making and selling our delicious jams again. The demand for our jams was so strong, that Colleen reached out to Teresa Peters to see if she was interested in restarting Lakeside Gourmet.

After some discussion, Teresa, and her husband Rod, took ownership of Lakeside Gourmet and have continuously worked hard to bring our delicious pepper jams back to market. Now based in Hayward, Wisconsin, and with Colleen back to making our small-batch pepper jams, you can now find our products at local farmer's markets, wholesale partners (throughout Northern WI and Northern, MN), trade shows, and now through our NEW online store!

We're back and ready to inspire and elevate your recipes (from main courses and desserts to appetizers and hors d'oeuvres) once again!